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Elja: Approved by academics in Mannheim


(In Zusammenarbeit) Romanisches Seminar Kopie







A screening at the Romanisches Seminar (RomSem) was proof enough:

Elja – 376 AD is not only an entertaining film but also academically relevant.

A classroom full of students of Linguistics and History at the University of Mannheim watched the film at the 4th of December and immediately stardet into a vivid discussion:

What is the relation between language barriers an migration?
What does it feel like to not understand a language, in film as well as in real life?
And why do Austrian actors do have less prblems learning a new language infront of a camera?

The Vulgar Latin parts of the film were translated in cooperation with the RomSem under the professional supervision of Dr. Amina Kropp.

It was an almost magical moment for her to suddenly hear the usually “dead” language spoken live on the big screen


Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller-Lancé & Dr. Amina Kropp (2nd from left)
together with the filmteam in Mannheim

We will be back for a public screening of Elja – 376 AD at the University of Mannheim in March.

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